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2024 Texas State Championships Recap

Held the last week of April, the Texas State Championship is the largest tournament of the year for us, and ATTC represented with 16 players sent! Let's look at the notable achievements before we look at the rating improvements from our clubmates!

Here are the notable event results:


First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Jonatan Mcdonald

Mohammadreza Akhlaghpasand

Chia Hao Chang

Girl's U19 Singles

Dina Farmani

Anya Shanbhag

Emma Jiao

Anya Shanbhag

Emma Jiao

Ananya Singaraju

Girl's U13 Singles

Anya Shanbhag

Adela Huang

Shandra Qiu

Xuebin Zhang

Gaurkeshav Padmanaban

Jeremey Lopez

Coach Shahin had a close finals against current MLTT player Jonatan Mcdonald in the Men's Singles. But look at the ATTC girls representing in three different events! Most notably, Dina Farmani who recently joined from Iran and has perfect forehand form, won the U19 Singles event over Anya Shanbhag who swept the other girl's events.

In the U15 event, Ananya took home 3rd place, incredibly impressive given that she entered 6 events and had to play an incredible 20 matches over 2 days. While Shandra nearly pulled off the biggest upset of the tournament by taking a 2200 level player to 5 sets. She finished 3rd in the U15 event. Jeremey had a great win over a 1700 level player to finish 3rd in the U1600 RR.


Begin Rating

End Rating


Teddy Bricker


1835 (PR)


Lekha Subbaiah


1413 (PR)


Justin Kim


1200 (PR)


Ananya Singaraju




Neave Joy




Dina Farmani


1954 (PR)


Look at all of personal records being set! Both Lekha and Justin have been working hard at group training and I've noticed them getting more comfortable with challenging adults during open play. That has translated to large point jumps this tournament.

But the big story here is the spicy boy himself, Teddy Bricker gaining a whopping 185 points to break the 1800 barrier! He did so by beating a borderline 1900 level player and taking a 2000 player to a nail-biting 5th set. What's especially great about this record for Teddy, is that it comes after a tournament where he lost points 2 weeks prior. Instead of licking his wounds, Teddy said "nah, I'd win" and bounced back with a vengeance and hit a new personal record. Maybe 1900 in May? We'll see soon with the Austin May Open happening soon.

Get signed up if you haven't already and keep practicing hard!


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