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2023 San Antonio Open and Teams Tournament Report

San Antonio TTC hosted a two day tournament last weekend with 6 rated events on Saturday, and 2 team events on Sunday. 58 players from San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, and the DFW area came to compete over the course of 234 matches. Match play went on until 9PM on Sunday with some intense matches in the team event. Thanks to Vlad for hosting this event and getting results out within the week!

At a glance:

  • 14 Adults and 3 Juniors from Austin area clubs participated

  • 733 total points were gained

    • 642 points were gained by Adults

    • 91 points were gained by Juniors

  • Austin area clubs stepped on to the podium 13 of 32 times – that’s 41% of all the medals!

    • Sahaj Ramachandran (ATTC Junior) won the U1600 event

    • Ananya Singaraju (ATTC Junior) placed 2nd in the U2000

    • Jenney Pobelova has made it to the podium twice in the past two tournaments, except this time she placed 3nd U2000 AND 2nd U1800

    • Teddy Bricker placed in two events – 3rd U1800, 2nd U1600

    • Jeremey Lopez placed in two events – 3rd U1800, 3rd U1600

  • Cesar Serna has been “re-minted” as our most recent 2000! He’s been there before, now he’s back. Congrats!!! We’re all glad you decided to stop sandbagging - just kidding!!! Cesar is a great guy, make sure to give him a fist bump!

Individual Achievements and Medals


2nd - Ananya Singaraju (ATTC Junior)

3rd/4th - Jenny Pobelova


2nd - Jenny Pobelova

3rd/4th - Jeremey Lopez

3rd/4th - Teddy Bricker


1st – Sahaj Ramachandran (ATTC Junior)

2nd - Teddy Bricker

3rd/4th - Jeremey Lopez


2nd - Olaf Westheider

U3900 Teams

3rd/4th – Nguyen at all Costs: Jeff Nguyen, Teddy Bricker

3rd/4th – Salad Chopper: Cesar Serna, Tommy Omen

U3200 Teams

3rd/4th – No game, No life: Jenny Pobelova, Jeremey Lopez

3rd/4th – Let’s go Brandon: Brandon Babot, Teddy Bricker

Major Rating Hauls

In the last tournament report, I mentioned how tough it was at the Texas Table Tennis tournament in Houston. We all took some tough losses – but – after getting back to ATTC and doing some more training and polishing, some of the folks below were more than able recoup their losses – many of them hit their all time bests! Olaf from Pong Club ATX brought home the largest haul of the tournament for Austin clubs. He took second place in the U1150 and only dropped 3 sets in 5 matches on his way to the U1150 finals.

Ananya Singaraju from the ATTC Junior program also had a great tournament, taking home 2nd in the U2000 and hitting her highest rating of 1611 - a year ago she was 976 - great things to come from her in the coming year!

Jeremey Lopez and Teddy Bricker have also been rising steadily over the past year. These two are at our 2 and 3 positions for most points gained from this tournament. They both train regularly at ATTC and their efforts are showing in their tournament results.

If you see these folks, give them a high five and a congratulations. It's well deserved.

The list contains the following information: Name - Club Affiliation - New rating (point gain) Highest Rating (HR)

1. Olaf Westheider -- Pong Club ATX Adult -- 1092(+289) HR

2. Jeremey D Lopez -- ATTC Adult -- 1620(+141) HR

3. Teddy Bricker -- Pong Club ATX Adult -- 1558(+90) HR

4. Sahaj Ramachandran -- ATTC Junior -- 1520(+46) HR

5. Ananya Singaraju -- ATTC Junior -- 1611(+45) HR

6. Yihang Tang -- ATTC Adult -- 1586(+36) HR

7. Zhen Chen -- ATTC Adult -- 1480(+31)

8. Jenny Pobelova -- ATTC Adult -- 1632(+23)

Sometimes it can get discouraging when so much effort is given when good results seem far away. It can be tempting to stop when things get tough, but it’s important to persevere and encourage each other – you could be close to a breakthrough. Push Forward!!!

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