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Austin Table Tennis League

A USATT approved league with competitive rating points. Requires basic USATT membership.

Sunday League
Under 1200

Recommended for folks starting out in competitive table tennis. League starts at 9:30 AM. Signup by Saturday night.

Wednesday League
Over 1200

Recommended for our tournament level players.  League starts at 6:30PM. Signup before 6.

What is League?  It's an informal intra-club tournament where players are grouped based on similar skill levels. The goal is to collect as many rating points to increase your rating by winning against your opponents.  Don't worry if it sounds confusing at first!  Our front desk staff are more than willing to explain how League works.

Before participating in the ATTC Leagues, you'll need to set some things up first:

  1. Create a USATT account and pay $25 for Basic Annual Membership HERE

  2.  Call the Club at 512-491-7664 or email

  3. Come a little early to hear the announcement of playing groups and bring your racket to play!  If you don't have one - no worries we have loaner rackets available.

If you'd like to see who's in our league check out our USATT League page HERE.

For more information on how the USATT Ratings system works, check out this page.

If it's your first time playing, or you need a refresher on the rules of Table Tennis check out the video below!

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